Our Story



After battling personal health issues, The Violet Victoria’s founder Mercedi Townsend researched methods to naturally heal her health issues by removing toxins in her daily household products. She noticed that there was a direct correlation between the candles and skincare she used since everything we breathe and apply to our skin enters our bloodstream. As she started formulating these products, she was able to improve her health issues naturally. The Violet Victoria was born when Mercedi decided she wanted to share these benefits with other people.

All products and fragrances are inspired by Mercedi’s childhood growing up with her beloved sister Violet and through her own self-care journey. The Violet Victoria’s products are all-natural based with sophisticated fragrances that are inspired by
aromatherapy practices. These products create
an easy way to practice self-care at home while
also keeping your health in mind.
The Violet Victoria follows sustainable practices
that benefit the community, the environment,
and the people who enjoy them.
Our Mission
We strive to be your handcrafted company of choice, that produces high quality scented candles, and other products that will truly inspire and illuminate your senses with compelling aromas. All of our products are made with unequivocal attention to detail, and by incorporating the highest quality of ingredients available.
Our Promise
We promise to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize customer satisfaction. We strive to create quality products with your health and the environment in mind.